Caged Into You: The Style Alien x Michal Golan

Dress- Chicwish
Shoes- Nasty Gal
Ring- Michal Golan
Necklace- Michal Golan

So this is part 2 of my Michal Golan collaboration, to see part 1 click>> here
This is pretty much the complete opposite of the first, with a more dark and mystery vibe going on. I've had this dress for months and loved it so much but the occasion never really came along for me to wear it so it was just stuck in my closet hiding in the back somewhere with all the rest that I once convinced myself that I'd wear someday. 
I finally mustard up the courage to take this "little black dress" for a spin one Sunday afternoon for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants on the Upper East side of New York. I love that this dress is extremely loose fitting and I really don't mind that its a trapeze shaped because it's summer and who really wants to wear a dress that sticks to your skin like hot glue?...I know I don't. Possibly my favourite element to this dress is the cage like neckline that reminds me of a slightly the more detailed version of the Deandri's harnesses that I use to wear about a year ago. Since receiving the evil eye ring from Michal Golan, it hasn't really left my finger! I just love the design and you can never really go wrong with evil eye jewelry...I'd have plenty if it was up to me...In fact, I've been gushing over these ones also from Michal Golan>>Turquoise Freshwater Pearl Bracelet , Angular Evil Eye Necklace and this! Angular Evil Eye Necklace. Make sure to check them out!

Style ALIEN *_*


  1. I apologize but your blog has found a new stalker! You are gorgeous and your photos are beautiful! How long have you had locs? Please don't be scared if you see me like a ton of your photos on IG it's kind of hard not to! Happy Monday!

    1. Aww thats so sweet and thoughtful of you, I really do appreciate it :) Thanks so much