Top Summer Shoe Picks

Here on my blog I'm usually seen in very grungy 6" platform boots or just a chunky black platform boots. I count the amount of times my friends have told me that have way too many black shoes but that's just a habit I'm trying to prey myself out of slowly but surely. So since I'm constantly experimenting with my style and trying new things I thought it would be nice for me to put together a collection of top summer shoe picks that I'd definitely want to be wearing this summer and also shoes that you readers could also fall inlove with! Let's get started!!

Ankle boots have literally been my number one choice in shoes since forever. For me, they're very comfy, not too girly and easy to get around in since I'm always on my feet. I'll for sure be wearing lots of ankle boots this summer with different cute styles and colors.

The famous strappy sandal very gets old. They pair well with pretty much anything but this summer I'll be rocking this with a nice light washed ankle length denim jeans or even with nicely tailored black trouser. Either way, these type of shoes will always come in handy both for daytime and for a night out.

A very long time ago way before I started to wear chunky platform boot, ballet flats were my everything. I remember having only ballet flats in my wardrobe at one point because they were so flat and comfy. However, as I grew older I started to hate them and they didn't seem so comfortable afterwards so i stopped wearing them. Funny enough just very recently, like two weeks ago I bought a pair from Nasty Gal's shoe cult collection and ever since I got them, they've been stuck on my feet. So maybe I'll incorporate them into my style more this summer.

All the shoes shown in this post can be found on Dresssale.com. They're a great online store that really affordable and sells a wide variety of everything! so definitely go check them out.

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