Holding On To The Everlasting Waves

Tsunami Print Sweatshirt- Romwe
Skirt- Similar

This is the first of the pictures I took while visiting Charlotte over the weekend  for thanksgiving. I miss it so much, so beautiful there and I definitely have a photo diary coming up later on this week of photos I snapped of the area. It was pretty sunny when I wore this look but was still very cold so wearing my this sweatshirt from Romwe definitely came in handy. I have so much love for sublime prints and I've done a few posts with other cool sublime prints, (you can see here or here ). I just can't get over how vibrant the colours of these prints are...not to mention how realistic the print seems. 
For a more flowy, carefree look, I wore a sheer pleated maxi skirt and combat boots. This combo has such a relaxed and easy going vibe which I really love and I can't wait to share more from my trip this coming week. I hope you all had a great holiday for those who celebrated.

Style ALIEN *_*

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