Image below is legitimately my inspiration for this post, it's from the 70's horror film called "The Omen"

Black Romper- Vintage
Acid Wash Oversized Denim Jacket- Thrift
Shoes- Archie Oxfords by Deandri

I know what you're think... why am I in a graveyard and why is this post named after a creepy movie? Well, let's just say inspiration comes to me in very strange places. I've been using a lot of my feel time doing research, visiting galleries and site seeing around New York and funny enough, I've bucked up on a lot of interesting places that I didn't know the even existed here. The images above were taken at a historic cemetery in downtown NY. Fun fact about me is that I actually love horror movies...anything that makes me paranoid after watching it is basically perfection to me, ha. So to recreate a classic image from the movie, I chose to also go with an all black look but with hints of subtle colours here and there. 

Style ALIEN *_*

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