Holy Grail

Shorts- Nasty Gal
Plaid Muscle Top- DIY
Shoes- UNIF Grail Platforms (Dolls Kill)

Lately, I've been channeling and experimenting with different styles and sort of bringing back and mixing a little of my old style with a bit of the new. I think that's one of the most unique things about "personal style", it'll pretty much always evolve. A lot of times when I'm searching for unique tops I'll literally look for very simply silhouettes with very intricate back detailing, why? Well, I'm the type of person who will literally wear the back of a top as the front of the top just because I think the back detailing has so much more interest. An example of this is seen in this post where I took one of my mother's tops and decided to wear the cut out details of the back of the blouse, towards the front. I wanted to go for more of a "punky downtown girl" look so I added some plaid detailing to frame the silhouette of the outfit and to give that extra depth to the whole look. 

Style ALIEN *_*

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  1. Those shoes.. Where do you get all of your shoes? They're all so good looking! Nice socks also ;)