Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

Dress- Thrift
Necklace- Boutique in Jamaica

So the summer time is pretty much coming to a close and for some reason, I notice that I've been wearing a lot of black combination looks now that the summer is almost over. With this particular look, I drew some inspiration from the Baroque era but with a little urban spin and signature stamps of my own personal style. I usually never do anything to my hair most times when I'm getting ready each day but I decided to do a little experimenting with styles more often so I did a braided crown which helped to enhance the look that I was going for. The best thing about this look is that the clothing is very easy to wear and throw on for a perfect day to walk around, shop or even to go on a lunch date. It's also a great transitional look into the fall season, so that's always a plus. I hope you guys liked this post and have a wonderful week!

Style ALIEN *_*


  1. Love this outfit and the jewellery is perfect!