Junk Of The Heart

 Vintage Maxi Black Dress- Vintage Store
KISS Band Tee- Forever 21
Distressed Denim Vest- Thrift

So a lot of people have been messaging me on tumblr and asking me what I wore for my first day back to school at F.I.T and many didn't really believe that I dressed pretty laid-back and casual. First of all, I woke up super late and had no idea what to really put together so I literally played it safe and pulled together an all black, grunge-chic ensemble. I wore a pretty classic straight maxi dress which was literally super comfortable and light weight. Of course, I'd need to start the semester off by wearing a band tee and not just any band, but KISS! I love them, I thought about naming this look "Black Diamond" after one of my favourite songs from them but later decided it would have been a pretty cliche title for this post. I threw on a light washed distressed denim jacket to add more detailing to the whole look and to also to allow the print of the tee pop out more. 

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