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Shoes- UNIF Das Boots

Since being back in New York, I've been dressing a lot laid back and freakishly different from a usual crazy grunge or hippie inspired looks. Not sure why, I guess at times my style turns a whole 360 at random times. However, I decided to share one of the more casual and laid back looks that I've been wearing all week since being back in the big city. I don't know if you notice, but I rarely wear jeans pants...(fun fact) I actually hate them. Why? well for one, ever since I was younger they've given me crazy rashes for some strange reason so as a replacement I basically where imitations or just regular cotton pants. These that I'm wearing are are super comfy and easy to move around in, which is perfect for me because I like my clothes to be comfortable. I changed it up by wearing platforms and a mix of questionable print combinations....come on, what did you expect? you expected to see a 100% normal casual look?

Style ALIEN *_*

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