Figment Of Imagination

Distressed Denim Shorts-Nasty Gal
Shoes- Deandri Archie Oxfords (get them here)

So when I went back to Jamaica, I raided my mother's closet because a) her closet is like a homemade boutique and b) I ALWAYS find great pieces in there that I can easily mix with my own clothes/style. One of my favourites that I took from her is this very soft, romantic-esque lazer cut top in ivory white. I absolutely love lazer cut tops so when I was able to make the steal for this, I happily took the opportunity. What I like to do whenever I have to style very romantic and girly pieces, I always tend to mix this with a more hardcore grunge-esque look because I feel like it embodies my style a lot. So, I wore my cut off shorts with black sheer tights to give off the grunge element that I was aiming for. I'm getting back into the groove of being back in New York and have been checking out a lot of new spots...mostly downtown, I'll share some of those in a picture post very soon.

Style ALIEN *_*

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  1. I love the top on you. You should steal more from her closet. She has good taste.