Once Upon A Saturday


Top-Forever21 / Shorts- Necessary Clothing / Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane- Karmaloop / Choker- Fitchbace

So today was crazzyy, they had a block party at school and I pretty much enjoyed something for the first time at FIT. The shades I'm wearing was the only thing I decided to splurge my money on and I feel like it was totally worth it because I love the frame and the sort of ombre look to it. Not only did I go to the block part but I was all over trying to get last minute supplies for my finals ahhh I can't wait till this is all over. I feel like I haven't been posting that much lately but its really because I've been so darn busy with finals and the internship and also finding an apartment so bare with me. This is a really laid back spring/grunge inspired look and I basically threw a bunch of shit together to create the this look and I was pretty much comfortable with it. Also, my ankle is sprained so I won't be wearing heels for awhile, so bumped but I'll survive. 

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