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Top- Forever 21 / Pants-Shop Style / Shoes- Steve Madden

Today was the most eventful day of my life since living in New York. I started my internship at Marchesa and so far I'm loving it, I snapped a few pictures earlier this morning of what I wore for the first day and between you and me...I took forever to decide what I should wear that was "Marchesa" appropriate since my personal style doesn't really reflect the strong feminine aspect of their brand. Even though, to be quiet honest..if I were to dress a little more on the girly side and less grungy, I feel like I could pass for a Marchesa woman, mainly because I love wearing clothes with lots of textile qualities to it. I came up with this outfit after hours of trying on different things and I decided I'd sort of place it safe on the first day by wearing a class black and white all over look. I feel as if it's so hard to go wrong with sticking to black and white because it always translates beautifully and looks simply effortless. One of my biggest struggles was finding "work attire" shoes to wear, and that's really because personally for me, I hate every shoes that looks like a normal everyday shoes. However, I couldn't wear my crazy ridiculously high platforms so I settled with these extremely painful Steve Madden shoes haha and yes I'm serious, it was literally painful and uncomfortable to wear for some reason. Starting from today I'll be posting around this time on Thursdays and Fridays because of my internship so I really hope to stick around to see how I deal with styling myself for work.

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