Positive Vibration

DIY Muscle Tee / Skirt- American Apparel / Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots- Karmaloop / Tansparent Spiked Choker- Fitchbace

So recently, I've been getting really crafty with my clothes and I started to cut out all the armholes out of my T-shirts and now I'm addicted. Because of how much I've grown to love wearing muscle tees, I've resorted to transforming the armholes of t-shirts. The shirt is literally one of my favourite t-shirts that I own, and I believe I've styled them a few times here on my blog. I think it's maybe because the print of Bob Marley is in it an unusual color against the black of the tee that give it a pop color, which is an alternative I usually go for when I want to wear minimal color. This is the sort of outfit you'd typically see me wearing most times because its one of the easiest looks to pull off when I'm tired from all the late night hours of sewing. A great way to amp up your look is by having a good hair day like how I did some mysterious and magical way. It's basically finals week now and I'm extremely busy juggling an internship and finishing up all my garments. If you want to keep up with what I'm doing daily, I update my Instagram very often so go check it out :) >> @marfarlane

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