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Black Turtleneck Cropped Top- American Apparel / Shorts- Nasty Gal / Tribal Cropped Cardigan- Everly / Oversized Knit Cardigan- A.N.A / DIY Distressed Stockings / Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots- Karmaloop / Tattoo Choker- The Cobra Shop

So this is a look I recently wore while shopping around the city for things for my apartment, I was quite excited about decorating and giving it my own personal touch...then it started to rain and all I wanted to do was sleep and do nothing (that never happened). Initially, I was going to wear this entire look without the oversized cardigan because it was a very grungy spring inspired look and with this extremely bright tribal print against the dark tones. However, once I notice it was going to rain I threw on my cardigan because I refused to change my outfit to please the weather. Fortunately, it wasn't cold so the cardigan was perfect enough to keep it comfortable. I wrapped all the layers with a skinny belt to singe the waist to give the look some depth and it kinda came out three dimensional, which creates an interest that I like. Of course, I added a distressed stockings just because I've been so obsessed with wearing it that way and the effect it makes it cool to me. So many more looks coming to this week, please do enjoy your week and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers.

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