You Were A Child, Crawlin' On Your Knees Towards It

Skirt- Necessary Clothing / Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane- Karmaloop / Belt- Forever 21 / Earring- Forever 21 / Choker- DIY 

I had so much fun being on a playground again and possibly wishing I were a child again. Good thing  there wasn't any children there or vicious mothers giving me dirty looks hahaha. I wore this look on a day that I literally felt too lazy to dress up for. This past week has been really crazy hectic for me so I've mostly been running around either in my new Deandri Hansels or as usual, my Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes. What would I do without these shoes? It pretty much a go to shoes for me for days when I'm too sleepy and tired to balance in heels.  Long time ago they made all these fashion rules like don't match stripes with polka dot, wearing white after labour day and NEVER mix gold with silver. But it's 2013! I'd say all these rules have pretty much been broken and executed perfectly. I say this in reference to me mixing all my gold accessories (earrings, belt and bracelet) with the silver hardware on my shoes. It never really stood out as odd or a big no no, maybe because my rings were silver and some of my bracelet were also silver so it sort of helped bringing the whole silver and gold together. As for the clothes I'm wearing, if you haven't noticed, my past few posts has consisted of me wearing very loose fitting clothing which is the way I like to wear my clothes during the Spring/ Summer. it's such an easy look and you can't go wrong with comfort.

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