Shooting Hearts

Dress- Jamaica / Blue Sweater- Banana Republic / Gold Ribbed Knee High Socks- Karmaloop / Deandri Hansel- Solestruck / Wooden Purse- Jamaica / Transparent Choker- Fitchbace

Once again I'm here featuring these crazy cool Deandri Hansel shoes. I will agree that they are pretty much a statement shoes and be prepared to get stared at if you wear them. However, for me, I genuinely just love the style of the shoes and it literally fits with everything in my closet and that's why I love it so much, plus it give an illusion of longer legs hahaha. I styled it here with a mini quirky skater dress covered in little blue hearts that I bought some time ago when I was living back in Jamaica. I love how it mixed a very playful "girl next door" dress with an edgy grunge shoes, it just gives the look a nice balance. In addition I added a distressed sheer stockning, dark lipstick and a choker to add more of my aesthetic to the styling. I could not have possibly ended this post without mentioning the wooden purse I'm wearing. I know I say this about all my Jamaican purses but its literally the coolest hand crafted purse ever, the design carved into it makes it so special and unique and I think it made a great combination with my whole ensemble.
Have a great weekend.

*_* Style ALIEN 

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