Pin Me Safe

Safety Pin Crop Top- H & M / Long Sleeve Blouse- Forever 21 / Deandri Hansel- Solestruck

I'm please to share with you, this really corky cute safety pin crop top that I bought a couple years ago at H&M it was kinda during that phase where everyone was wearing a cropped top for the summer and this cropped top was the only one I actually liked for myself because all the other ones were very plain and not something that could fall into my style. So now that it's pretty much Spring here, I've taken out all my Spring/Summer clothes and I'm ready to share all the things that have been hiding in my suitcase from when I was living in Jamaica. Also something I've been really excited about is my Deandri Hansels which I finally saved up enough money to snag. I was really sceptic on whether I should even get this or not because I was unsure if I could balance in them but I just took a chance and now I'm in love. You'd think that because of the wooden heels it would probably be uncomfortable right? well I'm here to tell you that these are AMAZING soft and comfy! I think I found a new pair of shoes to kinda replace my Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane, it super easy to walk in, and maybe I'd say to surpassed my expectation and is more easier to walk in than my UNIF boots or maybe around the same. Ahhh so excited. You'll definitely be seeing a lot of me clogging around in these shoes and I can think of so many ways to style this. It was hard for me to find any reviews on these shoes before I got them so I really hope I helped anyone who is also trying to find some info on it. Thank you deandri for creating these. 

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