Stop The Whole World From Turning Into A Monster

We Are The World Tee- Bosroom / Metallic Shorts- Forever 21 / Fringe Kimono- H&M / Jeffrey Campbell Teeter- Solestruck/ Necklace-Guess / Spiked Choker- Fitchbace

Fun Fact: I'm a huge Paramore fan, HUGE. So I thats the reason for my post title. I like to think that the music I listen to in the mornings strong affects the way I dress and then there are those song that always linger in your head for the rest of the day just because you were listening to it from in the morning. Because of how amazing this "We Are The World" tee is, I decided to show another way that I would style it. Unlike the last post I did with it (We Are The World), I decided to go a little more bohemian inspired with it. I don't know what it is about Spring that gets people all bohemian-esque but I wanted to put more emphasis on hair. I tried to make like a crown because I didn't have much time to make a cliche flower crown, so I went all crafty with my hair hahaha. I absolutely love this sort of metallic green faux leather shorts, and couldn't wait to wear it for the Spring so what better way to debut it in New York than to pair it with an awesome tee and distress sheer stockings. The shoes I'm wearing is one of the awkward platforms I own from Jeffrey Campbell but don't get me wrong, I actually like it. However on a scale on 1-10 it's like at 7 in terms of your ability to balance when walking long distances or maybe I'm just clumsy. It's so nice out in New York today and I hope it's the same where ever you are!

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