Until The End Of Time....

Eternite Muscle Tee- Forever 21 / Textured Flared Skirt- Necessary Clothing / White Teddy Bear Jacket- Thifted / UNIF Das Boots- Dolls Kill 

So I'm back from my weekend of relaxation in New Jersey and I just got back in the city so I just wanted to give a quick update on what I'm wearing today. Technically there is suppose to be a snow storm today but I've gotten so tired of it not being warm weather so I can wear all my clothes instead of 20 layers of clothes. So I've now numb myself from this disgusting cold weather and just wear whatever I feel like wearing. I wore a pretty laid back/ grungy/ a little girly mixture today by pairing one of my many muscle tee with a really cool textured flare skirt. I added my UNIF Das boots to bring a more rocker/edgy look to the combination and also because I'm obsessed with wearing it with everything. Even though my outfit typically wasn't made for New York's current weather, I somehow didn't feel cold at all in what I was wearing, maybe it was the big furry teddy bear jacket that did the trick. I have lots of post coming up for the rest of this week so stay tuned! 

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  1. love ur look and the background fits here well!
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  2. Thanks you so much, sure I'll follow you.