Jungle Fever

Top, Jacket and Pants- H&M / Jeffrey Campbell Litas / Choker- DIY / Cross Necklace- Nasty Gal 

I'm super excited to share this safari inspired outfit with you courtesy from H&M. Can we all just agree that these pants are everything!? H&M recently launched there "Conscious Collection" which is basically a campaign focusing on recycling textiles and clothes. So they're collecting clothes from people, to bring to the nearest processing plant to be graded and hand sorted. In the end they will be recycled and turned into raw material and new products! I really love supporting things for a good cause so I really appreciate what H&M is doing to bring awareness to the environment so please support! For my outfit, I basically went Spring inspired 2.0. Reason? I consider this a sort of upgrade and more edgy look than yesterday more playful and girly look. I felt so much more comfortable today in what I was wearing, maybe because I'm just so in love with these pants. When I getting dress, the only problem I had was finding the right pair of shoes to go with my outfit but eventually I figured it out. I'm not quite a big fan of litas, only because they are really uncomfortable and common but these litas that I wore actually paired really well with my outfit and truly helped it to bring the "safari" inspiration to life. 

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  1. Girl you look FAB! Like you're blog ;)

    XOXO Gozika