Florals For Spring.....Groundbreaking

Long Sleeve Top- Forever 21 / Dress- Forever 21 / Indigo UNIF Hellbounds- Solestruck / Shoe Harness- DIY / Ring- Custom-made

Yes, yes here is my take on using florals for spring...how original? I feel like wearing florals at least once for the Spring should be almost automatic and sort of impulsive.  So I ventured out today in NY in this extremely bold print amongst a crowd of people wearing all black winter coats. So, you could basically spot me a mile away.This is probably the most girly I've looked on my blog, but I feel that having "girly" post once in awhile is pretty healthy and refreshing. I chose style this outfit very playful by adding bright colorful bracelets and my indigo hellhounds. I know that the floral print of this dress is really bold and has a lot going on so I really tried to tone is down a tad bit by adding a skinny belt to break up the floral print a little. I spent my morning making this shoe harness that I'm wearing, that was inspired by Deandri. They had a whole collection of really cool harnesses for shoes and collars but everywhere online I looked, they all sold out. As a result of this, I got a bit crafty and  decided why not make it myself. I really loved how it came out so I'm definitely making more to style with some other outfits. 

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