There's A First Time For Everything

Today I thought it would be nice to post pictures of where I went and the outfit I wore this morning while running some errands. I needed to source some fabric for a basic wide legged corduroy pants that I'm making for my sewing class and I also needed to do a little fabric swatching so I was basically running around trying to get stuff done since apparently these stores close really early on weekends. On my way back I was flocked by a huge crowd of St Patrick's Day parade people which was a really cool thing for me to experience since the only time in Jamaica we acknowledge St Patricks is when it shows up on our calendar. The thing I like most about living in the city is that they have a parade for every single thing even if its like a really small holiday and I love that there's a wide variety of cultures to be exposed to . For my outfit choice I chose to play it real casual since I needed to run around in and out of  places. However, I think it was a really bad decision when I decided to put these boots on, mainly because they weren't 100% comfortable and they were definitely not made to walk in for over 4 hours. It's a really busy week ahead of me but I'm really for the challenge. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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