Despite The Weather

Distressed Pyramid Muscle Tee- Forever 21 / Suspender Faux Leather Shorts- Mystique Boutique / Tie  Dye Scarf - American Apparel (Thrift) / Plaid Sweater- Uniqlo / Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Boots- Karmaloop / Necklace- Necessary Clothing / Shades- Zero UV / Transparent Handbag- Forever 21

First I want to apologize for the endless scroll but I really wanted to share like every single one of the photos I got to take today while I was on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This has been one of my favourite place in New York to go, mainly because I like to dream that some day I'll be able to have a boutique of my own sitting right amongst all these amazing high-end boutiques. I had a super busy day today, and it's not half ready to be over. I went for my Sunday evening browse through the upper east with a good friend of mine, which is something I do literally every single sunday. The air feels so much different than mid-town and Central Park is such a plus. I knew that I would be walking around a lot so I wore my JC cutout boots that I post regularly here. I'm really thinking of getting the Deandri Hansel boots because I wear these cutout Jeffrey Camobells so often and I feel like the Deandri Hansel could be a good substitute walking shoes whenever I don't feel like wearing these JC's. Just a thought, I don't think I'll get tired of these cutout boots for now anyways. I've done enough rambling for the day. I really wish a very great week upon you and thank you for allowing me to share my blog with you.

*_* Style ALIEN.

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