Say No To Mickey Mouse

Mickey Turn To Skulls Muscle Tee- Mystique Boutique / Faux Leather Jacket- Forever 21 / Fitted Pants- Nasty Gal / Transparent Choker- Fitchbace / Boots- DSW 

Lately I've been having this weird excessive obsession with muscle tees and because of this obsession, I've gain so much cool printed muscle tees in my closet. This one that I'm wearing is honestly my favourite of the bunch mainly because I like how they took something that is traditionally suppose to be seen/viewed as happy (Mickey Mouse) and completely transform the icon into some dark and almost forbidden. I think I saw this same muscle tee in black also, but I preferred the white since I actually needed some more basic white tops to throw on when I feel lazy or late for class. I specifically want to mention the transparent choker that I'm wearing from an online store on Etsy called Fitchbace. I was so excited about getting these because originally, they were suppose to have spikes on them. But yesterday when the package came and I opened it....this is what I got. No spikes to be found. I was so upset that I waiting so long for this only to just get a basic plastic choker. However, because I had so much build up excitement about styling these I just went ahead and white them as is until I receive the correct version. Here's a picture of the one I wanted> Fitchbace 

Hope your having a great week so far.

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