Choker vs. Landscape

Dawn Landscape T-shirt Blouse- Forever 21 / Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Boot- Karmaloop / Transparent Choker- Fitchbace / Cuff Bracelet- Jamaica (similar)

Let me start off by saying, I am ABSOLUTELY head over heels for this top from forever 21! I know that a lot of people are strongly against shopping there and they feel as if the quality isn't any good but I beg to differ because I've found some really great pieces there. You just have to search and you'll find really unique stuff there. I bought this really cool landscape print top there in a large mainly because I wanted it to be big on me, so that I could wear it like almost a dress. I actually wore a black shorts under it from Nasty Gal today but because of the size, it obviously covered it and thats the way I like it. I paired it with lots of accessories since the outfit itself didn't have nothing much to it than my black stockings. Accessories including the clear choker that I mentioned  and slightly ranted about in my last post yesterday. Somehow, I've slowly began to like the look of it and I feel like its a good choker for days when I wear a simple t shirt or when I want to tone down my look a bit. Side note: The owner of fitchbace is the nicest and said I could keep this one and she'll send me a second one with spikes, so I'll really excited about that.

Thank you so much for reading and I have so many more exciting posts coming up soon this week.

^_^ Style ALIEN.

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