Plaid Heavens

Wear Winter white with a pop of red and navy blue blue for an airy Winter attire.

Sweater- UNIF
Dress- Forever 21
Coat- Similar

So after a super long break, I've finally come back to my usual full time blogging. If you follow me on Instagram, you'd see that I have been all over the place visiting family for the holidays and also in the midst of completing a personal collection for my portfolio. 
Its been hectic for sure but I definitely missed blogging. I back from the warmth of Jamaica and smacked in the middle of this crazy Winter in New York. This look is one of the first I wore thus far since being back and its a been of a clean almost all white look for the dramatics of blending in with that pure white of the snow.

I'm wearing my cozy UNIF  sweater from last season, layered on top of this beautiful lacey dress and tons of other unseen layers underneath that actually allowed me to weather this look without freezing completely to death. I added the touch of the plaid as an extra layer for warmth and also to give the look a bit of colour.

I can't wait to share a lot of Winter looks and I hope where ever in the world you are, keep warm! 

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  1. I never thought of wearing sweats under a lace dress! Very cool idea. I can't wait to see these looks in person.


  2. Great look:) x