Can You Love Me Again

Bob Marley Legend Tee- Jamaica
Skirt- Thrift

Just wanted to give a quick update of a look I wore a few days ago. I literally pulled the whole thing together in like five minutes basically because I was super late for work but, soon afterwards I realized how much I actually liked the pieces I put together. This is really more of a casual look using the light blue wash of the denim as the pop colour against all the black shades. I love to layer light weight pieces because it just makes things a little more interesting so I wore another one of my Bob Marley tee...rip the sleeves off to make it into a tank and layer it with one of my favourite thrift finds. I love that the print of the tee is like peeking through all the tiny holes of the blouse and added the touch of the light wash denim skirt with the coolest placed buttons makes the look have a more fun and quirky vibe without being too all over the place. Hope you all are having a great weekend, I've been so busy and exhausted but I'll survive!

Style ALIEN *_*

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