No Excuse To Be Clueless

High Neck Crop Top- American Apparel
Tartan Skirt- Everland Clothing
Shoes- Deandri White Tequila (Solestruck)

The season of crop tops are coming to a close and I basically wanted to do another look that could be a great transition into the fall season, so why not get some inspiration from one of the best 90s chick flicks! "Clueless". I remember how much I use to have that show on replay and even now...about a week ago I snuggled in bed while watching it. There is soo much inspiration that one can get from that movie and I've already been so obsessed with 90s fashion (I'm a 90s babe!), so it's only natural that I became obsessed with this movie hahaha. I'm wearing Everland Clothing's tartan skirt which comes in a wide variety of colours but I was really attracted to the mix of purple and yellow plaid, so I gave it a shot. I paired this with a basic high neck crop top which is a very staple summer/fall transition top because you can always throw on the perfect biker jacket and in the summer you can just rock it as is. I'm working on a lot of new stuff for fall that I'm really excited about so thank you all for sticking with me during the summer and I hope you re-visit very soon.

Style ALIEN *_*


  1. Loving this outfit!
    Clueless has to be the best film ever too!!
    I love the sunnies and lovely purple hat !


  2. Yes clueless is the best film ever!! thank you <3

  3. I love the backdrop against which the photos were taken...the training background shot was just fantastic!


  4. You're totally rocking this outfit!

  5. Wow the shoes are fierce!!!!
    xoxo Gozika