Flying Roses

Dress- Forever 21
Shoes- T.U.K Creepers (Journeys)

About a few months ago when I had just started my blog, I featured this dress and it was styled totally different (take a look). This time around, I decided to accessorize  a little less and just to place more focus on the beauty of this dress. It's very rare to see me in dresses but somehow if I ever end up wearing a dress, it's always very girly or cutesy...what kinda I say, I'm a sucker for girly playful dresses. At first, I had planned on wearing heels with this look but at last minute I thought the better option was to go for knee high stockings and of course my creepers. I like how there is a play between the very girly element of this look and the more "grungish" side of me. Also, I went for more softer choices in jewelry just to make this look much more relaxed since in the first look I styled this dress with a spiked choker on. Check out the other look and let me know which look do you prefer. Thank you!

Style ALIEN *_* 


  1. cute dress!!


  2. That dresses is gorg. I loved the whole outfit. Love you hair as well : )


    PS. I don't think I could wear my leggings like that : ( big calve muscles.

    1. I totally think you could rock knew high leggings! confidence is everything <3 and thanks for the complement :)