Ideal Spring

Top- Necessary Clothing / Suede Oversized Shorts - Jason Wu (RTW Collection) / Choker- DIY

Today was such an eventful day so I ended up taking a really long time posting this look however, I had fun so that's all that matters right? Anyways I'm so happy its finally getting warm in New York and I already started pulling out my huge suitcase of spring/summer clothes so lets see what has been hiding the past couple months during Winter. I ended up finding my Jason Wu suede shorts which is literally the most well made shorts I own in my clothes. I know you're probably wondering how the heck did I even afford it but I'll be happy to tell you that I was lucky enough to find it at a thrift store here in Manhattan. It was like $40 dollars and to me coming from something that was possibly almost $400 dollars?! that was a kick ass deal. It's really oversized and sorta give the illusion of having wider hips which is something that annoys me about the fit of it but, I tried to make it work by pairing it with a tight fitting turtleneck long sleeve jersey knit top, wow, long description haha. This is like the most relaxed and easy to wear top ever and the "cold shoulder" detail is just an added bonus. I know its finally spring and I'm still wearing an all black combination but it was really the easiest thing I could find so I threw in a slender floral belt and my floral/spiked choker to add some spring details to my whole look. Slightly a hint of 90's grunge and a whole lot of a style alien's touch haha. I have so much more look coming up so stay tuned for all those goodies.

*_* Style ALIEN.

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