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Recently I've been having this undying obsession with turning all my top with an interesting back view and wearing it as the front of the blouse. Everyone loves a surprise back on a blouse but and so do I but for me, I like having the option of wearing it both ways just to switch it up a bit as long as I don't look like I actually forgot to put my clothes on the right way. This is a really nice light weight sorta spring/summer  basic tank top with a cut out back that I got a few years ago at Necessary Clothing and this morning, I woke up, looked at it and just impulsively switch the back to the front. I have to say I really like how it came out very symmetric and interesting. It's a tad bit chilly today in New York so I popped out this really comfortable high waisted black pants with white side panels and it was such a perfect match for what was going on with my blouse. I actually bought these pants a really long time ago and totally forgot that I had it so today was my first time wearing them. I really can't imagine why it took me so long to even wear them because they are perfect! It hugs the right places and is made with a really nice stretch material so I don't have to worry about them being too tight and or uncomfortable to walk around in. It's been really busy this week since all my mid terms were after the spring break but I'll  try hard to update as much as I can.

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  1. lovely outfit - it totally fits you!