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Tribal Top-Vintage / Vegan Leather Skirt-Joa Closet / Jeffrey Campbell 99 Ties Wedges- Urban Outfitters / Belt-Vintage /Spiral Necklace-Vintage/Two Shade Hippie Glasses-Halloween Store

Its been snowing since last night and won't stop until friday so I thought I'd post an outfit that was taken back in Jamaica during the christmas holiday. I really wish I could go back and soak up some sun right now. Most of what I'm wearing in this post in vintage clothes past down to be from my mother. I swear, mothers have the best pieces that you can style and make it look pretty modern. My favourite thing about this outfit has to be this tribal top, its completely lightweight and easy to wear. I chose to pair it with this amazing vegan leather pink skirt from Joa Closet, its the same skirt from one of my previous post but in a different color. Aside from the un hemmed aspect of this skirt and the fraying thread, this has to be one of my favourite skirts to wear. The fit is perfect, the length is just right and it can seriously be styled in so many ways. Check them out Joa Closet

*_* NY Alien.

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