I'm On The Milky Way

Cropped Turtleneck- American Apparel
Striped Sheer Long Sleeve- Forever 21
Jacket- H & M
UNIF Das Boots- Dolls Kill

I was so happy to see the weather brushed the 50 degree category yesterday along with some sun shine, so I knew for sure I had to get the heck out of my dorm room and go do some exploring! I actually really loved this day a lot, I took a train to a random place and ended up at the location where I took the outfit shots. It was so beautiful and surreal and I think I definitely had a moment where I just totally fell in love with the view.  Afterwards, I went to Williamsburg in Brooklyn with my friends and I literally didn't want to leave! It's officially my new favourite place, so I guess for my Sunday evening adventuring I'll be giving the Upper East Side a little break, because Williamsburg completely stole my heart. I know for sure I haven't seen half of it yet so I need to go back ASAP, plus I heard they have cool thrift shops around the area so I'll will need to check that out pretty soon and perhaps do a video of it? We'll see. I honestly can't say how thankful I am to gain the reader I have today, thank you so much so tuning in! I know I say this a lot but I have so much outfit inspiration/posts coming up, so look out for those. Hope your enjoying your spring break or what's left of it.

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