Clean White Noise

Snowy days in New York.

Sweater- Zara
Coat- H&M
Boots- H&M

Whenever it snows, I like to dress very comfortable and casual with flat boots to stomp around the snow in. I wore a sheer blouse layered under a cute off white sweater with my metallic green pants that I don't wear quiet often but something possessed me to incorporate it in this look. For extra warmth, I wore my oversized coat with a big chunky scarf which gave me extra comfort for this snowy day. I have my ups and downs about the snow...I think it's really beautiful especially the way the photographs but other times I hate it and just wish it was bright and sunny. Anyways, this week has been kind of hectic for me between finishing up my finals and running around doing last minute Christmas shopping. I'll be sure to shoot as much cold weather look I can before going to Jamaica. Thanks for visiting.

Style ALIEN *_*

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