Tongue Tied

Cape- H&M
Eyelet Cardigan- Forever 21
Dress- Motel Rocks
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Mulder Platforms (Miss KL)

Okay, so this look is the complete opposite of yesterday's post haha, I went from lots of beautiful bright colours to an all black ensemble. I love my dark witchy looks just as much as I love the very vibrate and colourful ones...it really just depends on the time of the day and what my mood is. Clearly, the day I wore this all black look, I was feeling empowered..maybe it's the cape? mini superhero anyone?? I found this amazing clean cut cape by default one day when I went to H&M to return an item and for some reason, as soon as I was about to walk out of the store, it caught my eye and I really couldn't resist...plus I needed a new little coat for the winter and what better way to go than to buy a cape right? 
I paired this cape with a motel rocks mini dress, layered with a very light cardigan. I love how tattered and draped this look is, without being too overly stiff.

Style ALIEN *_*