Pushing Imaginary Buttons

UNIF Hellbounds- Solestruck / Socks- American Apparel / White Shades- Zero UV

Welcome to my safe haven in New York. I come here whenever I need to clear my head, relax and enjoy the beautiful view. Honestly, words cannot express how much I'm falling in love with just sitting by this pier and on few occasions missing home because the water at the pier is so dirty hahaha. Anyways, I had a sort of 60s vibe going on with a mini A-line dress / sleeve-less shift look. I also added a 60s inspired white circle shades to sort of get this the look I was going for across. If I were to seriously explain my style, I'd say that if an electic bohemian woman with a 60s hippie heritage got married to a 90s grunge man with a Jamaican/ Caribbean heritage, they'd give birth to me. Most times it's literally depending on my mood that determines which one of those looks I'll go for. This was one of those days when my 60s side came out. The dress and polka dot bishop sleeve top were both items I've had for a very long time so I'm clueless of the information of where they were bought. However, I think they made a great combination and was very comfortable to wear. I've been wearing my UNIF hellbounds more and more this pass few weeks, because believe it or not, they are great walking shoes and it also gives me a height I need. Some how my frill socks came into the picture when I was getting dressed so I just went with it and didn't question it. I think this post is a great start to my blog for this week and I wish for you an great week as well.

PS: The title of this post is named after my favourite song : Buttons BY Sia 

*_* Style ALIEN.

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  1. cute, love the sunglasses!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com