All I See Is Fireworks

Anna Kevin Beaded Top- Vintage / Shorts- H & M / Tights- Romwe / Shoes- Forever 21 / 
Earrings- Thrifted / Necklace and Bracelet- Jamaica.

So for today I decided to let my accessories carry the weight of my look since I wanted to feel a tad bit laid back for the weekend. I chose to wear this beautiful top that was give to me which I adore! It's such a simple black V-neck top, but the colorful beadings on the sleeve make it absolutely 10 times better than being just "simple". It sort of allows me to meet that border between Winter and Spring without having to go fully dark with my look, like most of the New Yorker opt for. I added this bright royal blue shorts from H & M to bring some balance to the whole look and to break up all the black I had going on. I know that from the previous posts I've had so far, most of my jewelry was listed  in Jamaica but thats really because  I've lived in Jamaica my whole life so my massive collection of jewelry was bought there. But no worries, I do have some pieces from different countries and I really can't wait to share them on my blog because my jewelry collection could literally build a store! The shoes I'm wearing isn't really one of my favored shoes, maybe because I wish it had a high ankle or I was thinking of customizing some embellishments onto it, since I just feel as if something on it is missing. I'll keep you posted on whether i chose to do something with it. Thank for reading!

^_^ NY Alien

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