Wave Through The Daylight

Patchwork Shirt- Thrift
Shoes- "Zoe" by Miista from Solestruck
Sunglasses- ZeroUV

I know your probably thinking where is my pants, but I've always wanted to do a look that gave an illusion as if I had no pants on, especially for hot summer days. So, when I found this colorful/beautiful patchwork large button-up shirt at a thrift store three weeks ago and I knew exactly how I was gonna style it. I wore a skin tone short shorts underneath the shirt, which totally did the trick of a pants less look and I really like how the shirt ended up kind of looking like a mini shirt dress. Can we just skip to the part where I say I LOVEE MY SHOESSS hahaha. I got them in the mail two days ago, along with some other goodies that I can't wait to share. It was made by a Spain brand called "Miista" and once I opended the package, I couldn't help but try to work these shoes into the styling of this outfit. It looks like beautiful "holographic rainbow" in the sun, which makes them at top on my list of best summer shoes it wear and they're super comfy. Tomorrow is my 100th blog post! can't believe it...so I'll be hosting a giveaway so please come and be apart of it!



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